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Re: "That's an American helmet."

May 23 2009 at 7:07 AM

Response to Re: Quote: :That's an American Helmet."

Yes, according to Roger Lucy's "Tin Lids" DPSA created a common North American defense production base, and under this arrangement, R.J.Stampings received contracts to produce 1.8 million M1 steel bodies between 1970-1977. However, the bulk of the production was shipped to the USA.

Roger goes on to state that these RJ Stamping bodies used the same tooling as US-made helmets and bear no particular markings to distinguish them from bodies made in the USA. He also states that the liners for CF M1 helmets were procured from the USA, "with some minor adaptations to the fittings to optimize them for Canadian use", specifically mentioning paratrooper helmets, so I would assume that RJ Stampings manufactured only the outer shells, and did not manufacture any of the liners and suspension harnesses.

Roger also states that Canadian troops have been issued wartime and postwar M1 helmets and liners of almost every conceivable variety and combination.

Lastly, 1.8 million helmet shells would have far exceeded the requirements of the Canadian Forces during the 1970s and 1980s had not the bulk of the production run been exported to the USA.

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