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Jump helmet

May 25 2009 at 12:41 AM
Dan Brinton 

Response to Re: Jump Helmet

Alex; Thank you for the kind words! I'm not really worried about banging my head, that would do me no more harm than has already been done. I was speaking somewhat tongue in cheek. I am a little anxious about getting a good serviceable helmet though. I am searching ebay. I've gotta say, the back window of a piper sounds interesting. I'd love to go out of a balloon as well. The boxcar would be fun, you must have started jumping long before me, I've never even seen one fly!My freefall experience is all out of 172s and 182s. Nothing fancy yet, and nothing over 8000'. I've gone static line from Hercs, Starlifter and Chinook, which brings me to your question. I am taking a military (quasi)static line jump course in the US. We will be jumping out of a C-47,T-10 canopies and will be expected to do a proper PLF. Nothing new but the drills and terminology. The course is 10 days, and the instructors are all ex Airborne or Special Forces. So, I'm not the least bit worried about not being prepared. The Group putting it on is the WW11 Airborne Demonstration Team, and their Raison D'etre is to honor the sacrifice of WW11 Paratroops, and so they insist that every candidate is kitted out in period uniform, kit and equipment. There is wiggle room as far as the helmet is concerned, as the original leather chincups tend to break, they often replace them on site with later issue web chinstraps. The Canadian helmet is almost indistinguishable from the US one, as you pointed out. I would just be most comfortable in a helmet I am familiar with. Bye the way, I have seen helmets come off in the air.Anyway, no offense taken, whats a little sarcasm between old jumpers, I expect to have a riot, and if I don't break a hip, I'd be interested in that Brit course you mentioned. Send me a link if you have one! Meanwhile, check out this one: .It's pretty cool! Feel free to offer any advise you think would be useful, AIRBORNE ps, the gentex "halo" is really cool too, but so far, nobody will take me above 10,000',so I've made do with a hockey hat.

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