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Why is it garbage?

May 26 2009 at 9:36 AM
David Gordon 

Response to Neck Srain?? Ground Rush?? What garbage!!

Hey Alex,

The things I mentioned were not to make jumping seem dangerous or scary. But like driving a car, you have to worry more about the other guys since you don't know their background or experience. Many of the people attending the jump schools have never jumped and have never been in the military. You take someone aged 40-50 who isnt in great physical condition and works in an office, run them through three or four days of basic ground school and then have them try and get five jumps from the C-47 in the next two days. Accidents can and will happen if they dont remember their training which was the case in the examples I described having witnessed with ADT in Oklahoma.

I know women and kids do sport parachuting safely and this isnt much different with the exception of the aircraft and type of parachutes. For reference, when I was jumping with ADT from their C-47, they used modified T-10, MC1-1B and a handful of MC1-1C parachutes for the really heavy people. Everyone jumped with a full set of U.S. webbing and equipment including Griswold bag with M1 Garand to simulate wartime parachute training. During the same time period when I was jumping with Pathfinder in Europe, the commemorative jumps on the original drop zones were done from a C-47 with X-Type PX4 parachutes from altitudes of 500-800 feet with no webbing.

Both groups have very good training programs and most people come away with a great experience.

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