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Permission to dig

May 26 2009 at 8:51 PM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to Pattern 82 E-tool Carrier Variant

My understanding is that digging in Canadian training areas is verboten or at least discouraged as an environmental hazard?? I may be dead wrong on that. It may simply be that emphasis in training has shifted - exercises for our (reserve) unit has been on Three Block War in recent years, urban operations, etc. and has moved away from more 'conventional' operations.

During my basic training in the 1980s, digging a slit trench was part of the final exercise. Come to that, though, we never received e-tools but full-size pioneer tools, issued on the spot. We were training to fight the forces of the Warsaw Pact; we assaulted through a "Soviet-style trench system" before digging in to repel a Fantasian infantry attack.

Friends who went on to do their infantry training in Wainwright, Shilo and Dundurn reported the e-tool as near useless and one fellow managed to borrow one from his platoon commander and actually break it, having to to haplessly return it in such condition, the 2nd Lieutenant never having had a chance to actually use it himself, it having been a mint unissued example - probably one of the "1982 pattern" ones you speak of.

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