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Rucks n stuff

June 1 2009 at 12:32 AM
Dan Brinton 

Response to Re: Pillow JUmp

Alex; were you guys landing with your kit as the Americans in ww2, or did you have an equipment lowering system like our pels? Was there a PELS system for the '42 mountain ruck? As to my Freefall mishaps, it was NOT a military freefall course! I would have been recoursed on the spot!I was Posted 2CDO but it was a CSPA course run by a Sr. NCO I could but won't name. On our own time. In the first instance, the main did not deploy. I pulled the reserve, very close to the ground, not sure now what elevation the AOD was set for, but it hadn't fired. What happened was, when I reached for the pilot chute behind me,to toss it, I must have done so in a sloppy fashion, as my upper body dropped, relative to the ground, my left hand must have been still extended, as I rolled half over, so that when I released the pilot chute, it went up between my legs. Then when I returned to the arch, and flattened out,the cord went from the pack tray, between my legs, and up around the outside of my right leg, preventing it from deploying the main. Main was still packed when I landed on the reserve.With the D-ring still in my hand, I might add! In the second instance, I was pushing for more freefall time! I had spent lots of time under canopy, it wasn't that big a thrill, but freefall, thats something else! I was supposed to pull around 2200'as I recall,and pushed for just a couple more seconds. I was in the act of deploying my main, when the AOD fired. I was still traveling too fast when I went through the preset threshold of the device. The main deployed, and I gathered up the reserve as it came out.I am now well aware of how stupid and dangerous this was. Probably should have been grounded, and don't know why I wasn't. Nobody made a big deal of it, and I ran out and got in the next plane.The first incident was on my 10th jump, the second, on my 17th,(went and checked my jump log) Who knows why we do things like this? Like, why in the world would someone jump with his snap fastener attached to another guys reserve handle? When you think about it, it's not hard to figure out what is going to happen! Some folks would say there's something wrong with us for getting out of the plane in the first place! Hopefully, I'm smarter now. They say, "with age comes wisdom", but that doesn't account for all the old fools out there!AIRBORNE! ps, are you still jumping?

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