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Rucks n stuff

June 2 2009 at 1:30 AM
Dan Brinton 

Response to Re: Rucks n Stuff

Alex, You are right it is convoluted, I am unaccustomed to conversing on a forum and have a hard time following the thread. I went back to view your post on the PASGT helmet, can't answer how many were issued, but, in '87 at around the same time we began trials on the C7, the Regiment was issued the PASGT. We jumped with it, but I don't know if it differed from the US issue. All those bad guys are carrying AKs because they are cheap/free and don't require maintenance. I never did have any problem with the recoil, and I only weighed 147lbs. The dry weight of the rifle is only .3 lbs heavier than the AK, and the barrel length combined with the higher velocity round(7.62x51 as opposed to 7.62x39)is what gave it better accuracy over longer ranges. It is kind of like comparing apples to oranges though,they were each designed according to differing doctrines, the soviets preferring hordes of troops with high volume of fire. I agree, the C2 was totally inadequate as an LMG. The BAR would have been a better choice though heavier. The SAW the boys have now is a big improvement!Even with 5.56, the volume of fire is whats important with an MG. The H harness you mention must be what came to be known as the PELS. It was a bag attached to an H harness that wrapped around your ruck.The bag held a coiled equipment lowering rope with two different length ends. The long end would be attached to the ruck, so it would land first, and the short one would be tied to the rifle and snowshoes, or in my case, the GPMG. There were quick release buckles fixed to the PELS harness that clipped to the para harness. I sure don't envy you guys having to land with your ruck! To answer your question, the pack tray was a school rig, but they had hooked my Para Commander canopy to it. And yes, it was a front mounted reserve. The other rigs were 7TU and Papillon. I later got to try out the 9 cell Orion, and a SL292. I'd like to try out the PC again, if she'll pass inspection, but she's pretty old now. 1000 jumps, that's impressive, doubt I'll live long enough! Bye the way, taking your advise and buying "Tin Lids". Seem to have gotten hooked on helmets!

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