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Change overs

July 2 2009 at 1:17 PM
Rick Randall 

Response to Denims, etc

Heck, a smiliar thing occurred with US production (the "khaki" vs. "olive drab" food fight) -- and you can find examples of original, unissued unforms and webbing with two different shades in the same item -- like ammo pouches with the main body in sand colored khaki, and flaps in dark OD green.

When you change over, you do NOT throw out the already paid for stocks on hand, unless you're changing over because the old stuff doesn't work at all. You continue to use it up, and unless color affects function, you'll be running both at the same time for quite some time, especially if you're trying to ramp up production.

New factories will likely end up using less of teh old stock, becuase they don't have any left over in stores from prior runs; older ffactories may well still be pulling old stock out for months. Plus you don't necessarily run out of everything in old stock at the same time -- thus you'll sometimes see "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Kit" stuff being run up. When you're in a war to the death, nobody cares -- and is about as likely to keep careful track of such meaningless (to them) information.

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