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Origin of OD Nylon Smock

July 10 2009 at 3:49 PM

Response to OD Smock

Ken, that's very interesting information, something I have not heard before. I'd really be interested in hearing more. Please post!

My own impression has always been that the OD Nylon Smock was patterned after the
Denison smock, for no other reason other than the similarity in design. However, you may be onto something new! The smock's origin is something that I've never questioned previously, but you bring up some vital information! Please tell us more!

I've got no idea at all what information is on the label on my nylon smock. It was common practice, in my day, to have the collars lined with camo parachute material, but mine has a full camo lining which conceals the manufacturer's label. There definitely is a label stitched inside, just below the collar, but unless the lining is torn apart, there's no telling what's on the label.

Another common practice was to sew an elastic waistband into the smock. In garrison use, a web belt with regimental brass buckle was normally worn, so the elastic waistband was a popular modification.

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