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OD Smock

July 11 2009 at 8:59 AM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Origin of OD Nylon Smock

Hi Alex

It is covered lightly in the Maelstrom book. I gave all my documents on this prototype stuff to Clive some time ago. I am not sure if they included reference to the experimental jackets or not. They were also developing an airborne jerkin at Shilo. I know I gave him those doc's. If I recall right, and it has been some time, there are sketches of the Routh design at the archives. It is very clear it was to be based on the US Suit Parachute Jumper of 1941-1945 period with the incorporation of the lozenge shaped snaps with pocket flaps that have an extension as a pull tab. The shape being practically the same as the OD suit under discussion. Since prototype garments were made by both Routh and Bradbrooke, these were turned over to Ordnance who were to decide their viability. It is likely that even though they were not accepted, they were stored for future reference which was commonplace. So it is possible these experimental garments were pulled in the 60's as reference for a new garment? Or serving members who were at A-35/ARDC and remained in the military up to the 60's had some say. Otherwise a very strange coinkydink.

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