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Vietnam discussion

July 12 2009 at 10:03 PM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Volunteers

Ok Michael will tone down the remarks. Not sure what else to call them? have any suggestions? someone willing to shoot a child for raising a flag and another group responsible for millions and millions of deaths worldwide. A death toll I might add that dwarfs the holocaust into minutia.

You are also very very wrong about the thoughts of a rice farmer in a field in Vietnam. Who do you think did all the fighting in the war???? Frankly a silly remark and I am actually shocked that you could, in anyway, defend the sort of communism envisioned by the few to control the many. Under the communists those very same rice farmers were denied shools, medical facilities and practically all would loose that rice paddy they were standing in. Thousands of children died from lack of medicine and medical treatment while directly under the control of the communists. I personally think they had a lot to think about and not just about farming.

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