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Canadians involvement in Secret Armies....

August 17 2009 at 8:17 PM
Christopher Furlotte 

Lately, I've been reading some research on the origins regarding the Special Operations Executive, and it's history prior to it's disbandment! Officially, it has been mentioned in a variety of books of this nature, the date has been July 1940 (when it was created as a para-military organization) and disbandment 1st, January 1946.

However, After reading this book titled: MI6, Inside the covert world of H.M. (Secret Intelligence Service) Stephen Dorril (U.K.)
ISBN: 0-7432-1778-0

In Part one, it mentions that a few regional S.O.E. units survived well into 1947! (Despite "strong opposition" from The Foreign Office), and worked independently of MI6! I have seen photo's of Canadian Officers seconded to the S.O.E. in S.E. Asia, and returning to Canada in 1946! Perhaps some might have even returned as late as 1947!?

Also of interest is the part were Chiefs of Staff of the JPS, (Joint Planning Staff) in late 1945 were working on a plan of towards implementing stay behind units in foreign countries that were friendly to Great Britain in case of Soviet Invasion of Western-Europe in the late '40's and 1950's. (Future paper on the S.O.E. prior to it's disbandment!)This paper would later be a blue print of a sorts, for a European wide, Stay Behind network, commonly known as "Gladio"

I've read about Canadian involvement in this area too! Link on this w/.pdf file.

On the topic of the neutral country of Sweden, it mentions about Canadian involvement!?


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