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Dumb and Dumber

November 4 2009 at 6:11 PM
A.J. Lockard 

Response to Well anoy mous

James, your comments go from bad to worse. A single medal indicating you were located in a specific locality for six months says practically nothing about you. Maybe you were the canteen queen or maybe you were the bravest soldier since Joseph Kaeble. A single chunk of ribbon doesn't tell you that. There have been plenty of cowards in combat infantry units, and plenty of heroes parked behind desks. I'll bet you buy a lot of books based on the size of the "racks" displayed on the covers, too. You'd be better off at least reading the flyleaf. The medals still don't tell you whether or not you're a complete d-bag who avoids work at the drop of a hat; you can keep your combat heroes who never do a lick of work. I'd rather have ten cowards who all pitch in and get the work done and stay late without complaint and don't steal the office furniture or show up drunk or whine when they don't get to play pinochle on office hours because the system now "owes them."

Incidentally, how many unit histories have you read which lamented how few of the "best" remained undecorated by the end of the various conflicts?

You're still not getting it with the following dumb statement: "What is shallow is your statement that length of rack is a yardstick of a soldier/sailor/airmans contribution IT WHATS ON THE RACK that is the yardstick"

Serving in an overseas or operational setting is not the quote "only" unquote contribution a soldier/sailor/airman can make. Why you keep suggesting that it is, is well and truly mystifying.

Would love to know how many combat tours of Afghanistan you have under your belt.

Come to that, you say that after you quit the Regular Force, you went to join a reserve MP unit.


If serving overseas is the only valid contribution a serviceman can mike, what would the point be in joining a unit where you would have no chance to do so? Perhaps it was the only excuse you could find to show off your "rack" once you had earned it?

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