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OG 1964 Combat "pips" (Stars.)

December 17 2009 at 6:43 PM
Christopher Furlotte 

Response to Combat Pips

Nice photograph of the '64 pattern old army "pips". Pity, how the Canadian Army got rid of it due to unification, and uniform modifications (Tri-Service) etc,. I often wonder why the Government of Canada went that route to save money in order to destroy Canadian Army uniform traditions ie, rank styles in order to make it more Canadian? Or was it to get rid of British influence of our uniforms and adopt a more modern "American" type of uniform!? Again, remember it was the 1960's and nationalism was popular an all high back then, so I'm guessing that may been a part of it, and and saving money as British Regimental system of style of uniforms are very sharp looking, but then again, does come with a fairly high price ie, Highlander mess dress or Guards Busby as an example!

Metal or cloth Stars (pips) are very dashing, yet costly to manufacture compare to tri-service bars! I suspect or is to make it more Canadian!? I see a very strong U.S. influence in our dress uniforms ie, Tyle green shirt and CF colour dress greens are very similar to the U.S.Army dress uniform.

Here's a picture to see some comparences. The current U.S.Army dress uniform replace the Olive Drab dress uniform in 1957/58. So I'm guessing the Canadian leadership design may have been influenced to a degree(?) by this modern looking uniform.

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