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Pre 1969 Canadian Army Rank Insignia & Uniforms

December 19 2009 at 8:52 AM

Response to Canadian Army Rank 1968.

Chris,the variety of uniforms that existed within the old regimental system did not lend itself to national identity. Have you examined any of the pre-1969-70 group photos of various military courses composed of members from a number of different army units? It's a rag-tag looking bunch of soldiers/officers. You'd be hard pressed to positively identify any/all of them as being Canadian Army. With the CF Greens, Canadian soldiers in uniform now have a uniform (pardon the pun) Canadian appearance.

As far as the rank insignia goes - it was a simple system of pips up to Captain, and a crown for Major. After that, as you went further up the Field Officer and General Officer rank insignia, it got increasingly more complicated and confusing, not only to our soldiers, but especially to foreign personnel, not to mention our American cousins to the South whom Canadians regularly trained with and were stationed overseas with.

Canadian officers attending US Army courses/schools in the US such as Ranger and Special Forces, invariably wore US BDUs - Jungle fatigues at the Special Warfare School in Bragg - with US rank insignia, for example, captain's bars.

Yes, most, if not all other Commonwealth armies remain faithful the the old British rank insignia system, but if it were so simple, why then does this British general sport US rank insignia, if only to clearly identify his rank? I will concede that as simple as the US field officer rank insignia system is, on occasion, Americans have been known to also wear foreign rank insignia. One well-known American general in particular sported Saudi rank insignia during the Gulf War but I hardly believe it was done in order to clearly identify the rank insignia of four stars

[IMG][linked image][/IMG] British general with US and British rank insignia.

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