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XX System & Kevin Green

December 20 2009 at 3:31 PM
Ken Joyce 

Response to Logistics

This is a response from the author of the article I posted. It also provides information on a book written by Tin Eye. I am def. going to look into that as it would be interesting reading. Also at the start of this thread Kevin asked about the British killing spies. The answer to that is yes. In Ronald Lewin's book he states that many of those not "turned" by the likes of Tin Eye, were either put in prison or executed. Many were excuted. Apparently they were able to turn 120 German agents. Not all of these people were hardened Nazis and some were quite easy to turn. In other words forms of torture were not always used. As stated below, sleep deprivation and forms of "metal pressure" were forms of torture. In order to fully grasp the benefits of the results of this program, you need to read Lewin's book although it is not comprehensive.

Dear Ken

Many thanks for your email. I entirely agree with you sleep depravation is surely a form of torture. I tried to make it clear in my article that many of the forms of what Tin Eye Stephens called 'mental pressure' would today definitely be considered torture. For example, as you doubtless are aware, there are various provisions in the European Convention of Human Rights that prevent degrading and humiliating treatment, and it seems clear that practices like sleep deprivation would be prevented by them.

For further information, I would highly recommend looking at the recently history of Camp 020 that Tin Eye Stephens wrote, which has recently been declassified. It was published by the UK Public Records Office a few years ago. I can't remember the exact title now, but it should be fairly easy to find.

Hope that helps! And many thanks for your feed-back on my article

With best wishes

Calder Walton

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