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Canadian/US Rank Insignia

December 27 2009 at 5:41 PM

Response to Not just British ranks simplified for the Americans...

Canadians serving with US units have long been noted to wear US rank insignia, as previously mentioned within the thread. In this case, (referenced photo above) it's not a bad idea, considering it's virtually impossible to read a Canadian CADPAT name tape or rank insignia epaulet from any distance greater than six inches! Whoever designed the CADPAT tags sure did an exceptional job of camouflage - nobody can read them! Like why even bother to wear them?

Note in the referenced photo, the Canadian rank insignia on the epaulet is completely illegible whereas the US subdued rank insignia is readily identifiable. A Canadian Two-Star in Iraq? With a US captain and an NCO bodyguard behind? One of the Canadian deputy corps (US) commanders? ( Our army isn't large enough to have a corps, is it?) happy.gif-

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