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Any RCAMC Experts?

March 1 2010 at 2:14 PM
John Cameron 

I recently recieved an enquiry regarding some photos of an individual who had been initially identified as a Provost.
When I saw the pics it was evident he wasn't Provost, but RCAMC. Since I'm not a Medical Corps expert
I'm posting the pics here in hopes someone can help identify the man or his specific unit.

The background:

The archives in Gouda, Holland have three photographs of a Canadian soldier
who is regarded as having "single handedly 'liberated' Gouda".
They would like as much information on this man as possible.

The tactical markings, either 1st or 2nd Canadian Corps and the white 75 on black background with white bar above is that of a Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps (RCAMC)unit, possibly 14 Cdn Field Ambulance.
The markings on his helmet are unusual, the white band and large white(?) circle would tend to indicate special duties of some kind. I would expect a red cross in the circle to have a high enough contrast to be visible, so it may be a plain white or yellow circle.
The shoulder titles are difficult to make out, but could be the late war RCAMC pattern. The double buckle leather kidney protector worn around the waist is of interest.


If any further information or corrections are forthcoming, please contact
Chris Gilmore at strobus(at)

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