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Dieppe Raid Radio Log

March 1 2010 at 10:00 PM
Jordan Baker 

In our museum collection we have a set of original notes taken during the Dieppe Raid. They were written while on the HMS Culpe. I can't imagine they are the "full" radio logs but more of a "benchmarking of events" as they unfolded.

Anyway below is the 11 sheets we have starting from the begining to the end. I've posted the originals followed by a transcript of what they say. Some of the writting was hard to read but I managed to figure it out one nightshift at work.

One thing that I ask, Can you while your reading try and figure out just who all the "coded names" are refering too. Some are easy to figure out but others Im not too sure.

Here is a list of the names I have. I may have missed 1 or 2, if you find any others please add them and post up your suggestions for the rest.

"Bob" = RHLI for Lt/Col Bob Labatt
"Doug" = possibly RRC or BlackWatch
"Cecil" = SSR for Lt/Col Cecil Merrit
"Joe" = ?
"Johnny" = ?
"Fred" = ?
"Rob" = ?
"Goose" = Calgary Highlanders for Lt/Col Ryan Gostling
"Freddy" = ?
"Ham" = for Gen Ham Roberts
"Bill" = ?
"Charlie" = ?

The other one that I can't figure out is "Hunters Force". Could this be the RCE group with the Jeeps tasked with blowing up the sea wall?

Ok, now for the notes.

Sheet #1

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

0506 SSR landed unopposed
0525 Essex landed
0550 RHLI landed
0635 no word from RRC
RHLI and tanks held up on beach
0700 RHLI held up in heavy arty fire
0705 Joe landed
0710 Smoke, on east side of 0808, trying to get more air support
0712 Essex report rate of fire on beach increasing (arty)
0713 RHLI captured casino
0716 air support on west headland at 0745hrs
0720 Essex FOO instructed to get naval support on East side

FBLO is working on bombardment (on back of above sheet)

Sheet #2

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

0730 RHLI report mg fire from west and also from tobacco plant
0742 Doug landed on blue beach
0748 A.D. Fred suffering heavy casualties
0800 Bomber squadron over head will bomb East headland on request of Essex
0807 commence second attempt to land
0813 active mg position in front of tobacco factory Bob request Johnny to move forward to take it out

Sheet #3

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

- Landed on Green Beach unopposed for first 4 minutes 0510hrs
- First Planes Over head 0511
- First flight Tanks landed 0540
- Bob landed 0528 hrs
- Reported to Force 0541
- Touched down, under heavy enemy arty fire Tanks landed ok- unable to get Troops ashore as Ramp Broken. 0610
- Fred Cross Beach to houses 0609
Our Boat Disabled, unable to land
- Bob Requests help from Fred L st (possibly Left Side) Casino 0720
- Fred held up on Beach 0720
- Cannot get in Touch with doug 0720

Sheet #4

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

- Essex B Set out of Action 0740
- Bob (Fred scratched out) get Johnny Forward 0745 still Held Up
- Charlie still on Beach 0755
- Doug Landed Blue Beach 0755
- Bob wants Johnny Fwrd
- Bob still L of Casino but slightly S.
- Bob wants intruder Supt on White Beach
-Enemy Plane Shot down by A.A. from Boats 0820

Sheet #5

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

- Hunters force still on Beach 0813
- Cecil taken limited objective wants permission to abort again, Heavy Casualties
- Rob Requires H E + Smoke on West Headland O.P 0840
- FMR in severe difficulties must be taken off or will be wiped out 0843
- 221685 220685 Bob Requests Bombing
- Joe Reports he is Completely Surrounded 0905
- Goose can retire to Green Beach
- Cecil can retire to Green Beach
- White Beach rather sticky numerous casualties Johnny unable to get off

Sheet #6

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

- Bob at Casino Awaiting Air Support 0915
- A Coy Freddy out of Touch with doug
-Freddy situation same
- Vanquish 1100 HRS. at 0930hrs.
-Bob requires Bombardment interval on Buildings Front of white beach
- Goose + Cecil together occupying defensive posn around Green Peter 1005
- Johnny requests air support on both headlands before Vanquish and suggests Vanquish earlier as Amm running low, 1000

Sheet # 7

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

- Vanquish Through to Freddy
- Red Peter reports Situation Critical
- Cecile Requests support to take out gun on west Cliff edge of Green Peter
- Bob requests Continuous smoke + intruders on Front buildings White Beach 1049
- reply Cannon fighters due there now
- Enemy Bomber Do.17 Shot down by Spitfires 110-5
-taken under tow and headed for home 1125

Sheet #8

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

- 1208 Bill to Ham : request continuous Bombers and smoke support to be continuous as enemy can see boats 400 yards from shore also forming boats must come all together
- Bill to HAM smoke seems to have reached Beach
- Sherwood assumed control from Ham 1225
- Report received Brig Lett wounded and on Hospital Ship
- Light Craft urgently needed on Red + white Beach

Sheet #9

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

- Liet McCoy
- 1232 from Bill to Ham general sit quiet, request situation report
- Ham to Bill- sit rep, Large no (#) taken off Green Beach, according to men, have lost a lot of boats on Green Beach + are now assisting
- only 6 boats landed at yellow many wounded on
- from Bill now waiting at Red + White beach for boats /- no word of Joe

Sheet #10

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

- 1243
- From Bill to Ham White Peter not good Red Peter not so bad because fewer light people
- Rce Lieut Molder 2nd Coy
- 1301 Bombard bldgs and pill boxes along promenade Enemy closing in- from Bill to Ham
- 1305 Bill to Ham
- must have quick support, Enemy closing in on Beach bring it up please
-Bill to Ham
-1307 we are evacuating off, H. to Bill can you give us any cover

Sheet # 11

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

. On beach
- Ham to Bill can you give us any cover
- no answer

-1308 there seems to be a mass surrender of our troops to Germans our people have surrendered
- 1309 Ham to Bill are you afloat.

Any help that can be given in regards to my questions above would be most appreciated.

Jordan Baker

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