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May 19 2010 at 10:42 AM
Alex Junier 

Response to Air OP Squadron

Hello there,

This flash with three witches is atributed to IS9 which was part of MI9 (British Military Intelligence). IS9 was responsible for supporting European resistance organisations to help allied personnel (SOE, escaped POW"s, downed airforce personnel to return back to England.

The C.O of this unit was Lt. Col. Airy Neave, who was one of the first British POW's to escape from Colditz and set up Intelligence School 9.
They worked closely with the SAS and SOE. Airy Neave wrote a few publications on this subject.

One of IS9 biggest feats was to help over a hundred British Airborne personel that were in hiding after the Battle of Arnhem they escaped
over the river Rhine in two ops called Pegasus one and two in october and september 1944.

One section of IS9 was involved in flying over enemy occupied territory to
be able to pick up messages sent by the resistance or agents by S phone. this narrowed the chance for the Germans to intercept messages. Maybe this Canadian was involved in this judging his wings

More on this was posted on the British and Comonwealth military badge forum check link:

I do have samples of this flash in my collection if anyone want pictures let me know and I will send them.

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