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Family Items, Sure!

September 27 2010 at 8:59 PM

Response to Family items

I am cheap, miserly and heartless. Whether an item costs a buck or 100 dollars I am not in the game to search out and return family items. This stuff got sold off or given away because the family lost interest in it in the first place, so where does it end and why would a collector be obligated to return it? That model T Ford that Great-grandad sold in order to upgrade automobiles certainly has sentimental meaning to me now and oh, those baseball cards I had a kid and traded for Spiderman comics really mean a lot to me and I would dearly love to have them back. Where does it end? Anyway, who is to say that when the person who wanted the stuff back passes away or looses interest that the material will not be back out on the market?

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