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G-day Jeff.

October 8 2010 at 8:05 PM
Christopher Furlotte 

Response to Thanks

Hi Jeff,
Glad to be of some assistance to you. I also think you may be unto something as well,...don't get discouraged, and above all, keep looking! Remember that secrecy was a paramount in that war time era, so anything written might have been destroyed ie, official records that were covered on the DND act or the Official Secrets Act, during this stage of recruiting Canadian service personal for special services in H.M. Forces etc.

Quite a number of Canadians were attached and saw 'active service' in the British Forces at this time, so no surprise there!

14th (Arctic) Commando had a number of Canadians attached to it, and I even read about a Petty Officer with the Royal Canadian Navy was seconded to the R.N., for various missions in Norway.

Hopefully something might just pop up info wise ie, DND Heritage section or LAC to assist you in furthering your research on this subject?

I have found one must be above all patient, and dedicated to the ultimate goal discovering what your after and of course, writing about it!

Best of luck and keep us posted if possible?



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