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Storming Juno

November 24 2010 at 6:20 AM
Tim Wolochatiuk 

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I am one of the Executive Producers of Storming Juno and I also directed the program and wanted to add a few comments in response to some of the other comments posted. The show was made to reach the widest possible audience and particularly young Canadian's who may have never heard the words Juno Beach. From the outset, I, along with several of my colleagues realized that it was an incredibly ambitious undertaking and the project would be put under the microscope and dissected. Despite the committed efforts of many people on many levels, I recognize that there are shortcomings and some mistakes. I apologize. However, I think some perspective might be helpful. The challenge on any production is time and money. We tried to partner with other countries but as a very Canadian story, History Television was the only broadcaster who put their money on the line. Without them, there would be no project and I am grateful for their unwavering support and generosity. By their standards, the budget was very generous but compared to the budget level of an episode of BoB or The Pacific (I won't even mention SPR), there is no comparison. The difference is enormous. Without getting into specifics, if we had the budget of just one episode of either of those shows, we could have made a series consisting of somewhere between 5 or 7 episode of Storming Juno, or just one episode that would have been quite different. The fact of the matter is that we did not have that kind of money and it's not easy to come by. You work with what you have and in the end, we did the best job with the limited time and money we had at our disposal. I am not making excuses. I stand by the film, warts and all. I am very proud of the cast and crew who worked on the show, and despite the criticisms (some of which are fair and valid), I am proud to have been involved in the making of Storming Juno.

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