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Canadian reenactment unit

December 10 2010 at 8:16 AM
Steven Stoddard 

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Thank you to Mr. Storey (I read as many of your posts as I could - there are hundreds - and picked up as much information as was contained in the threads, wish I had more time).

Michael, to answer your question, my query is about WWII reenacting. There are several interested reenactors here in the U.S. who are interested in representing Canadian WWII infantry. My apologies up front as we could not find sufficient sources of repro Canadian BD and we heard (and read) about some success in the past with dying British repro BD but do not want to take the chance of flubbing it up. When I read on the forum (here) that some Canadian units were issued with British wartime BD, I read on.

We would like to know what divisions / regiments wore British (Pattern 37/40) BD and if it was only a one-time issue before Canadian stocks arrived or if supply was constant from the UK, Egypt or India with wartime manufactured British Battledress.

In short, we want to outfit our unit with the most accessable uniformity we can find (within the limitations of finding the correct insignia) for a correct interpretation. (my apologies to those who do para and commando, but WWII reenacting is top heavy on 'special forces' units, something we wanted to avoid; a close friend of ours attended a show battle event in the midwest only to have a Canadian born spectator ask where the 'tommies' were in a sea of red and green berets).

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