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Less is more.

March 30 2011 at 2:06 PM
Christopher Ono 

Response to Artwork

"Part of the whole pop culture notion that more needs to be better; like special effects driven movies that jam every square inch of screen space with CGI "stuff" that the eye can't possibly discern.

A classic look gets the point across without sacrificing functionality."

I agree completely - more isn't necessarily better - and there are definitely games out there where I perceive it as being "too much", but I don't feel that this one or PB:HoD falls into that category. You do; Fair enough. I'm excited about this because it's my preferred scale (tactical platoon/squad) in my preferred theatre (Northwest Europe) with my preferred national forces (Canadians) with a focus on a aspect of modern warfare I find very interesting (command and control and the limitations thereof).

I submit that you can be clear and good looking without being spartan; witness the many Against the Odds and Battles magazine game offerings. I also agree that there have been a number of games with jumbled, muddy graphics. Speaking as a someone who uses graphic design every day I hear very clearly what you're saying.

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