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June 6 2011 at 8:52 PM
Dave Hiorth 

Response to Focused!?

Hi Ed
I am kind of confused. This guy is obviously an FNG which likely we all were at one time. Half the time perhaps I am also. Does it not take time, handling things, talking to more knowing people ie this forum and others and yes dare I say buying books to learn what you need to know? Perhaps Nicolas has gone about it in the wrong way in your opinion and perhaps others also but is not the purpose of this forum and others to spread the word and help people out? Or are we all stitch nazis who dont want to let anybody know what we know? Would it not be better to share our knowledge rather than telling him to only stay focused which is only the half of it and then only buying what you know? If that was the case 1/3 of my store would be empty. I was on a buying trip yesterday and bought a amazing mace for the bugle major for the oxford rifles. I know nothing about maces except that beach masters in the movie the Longest Day carried one and that the people in charge of bands carry them. Does that mean that I should only buy what I know? Just a thought and my 2 cents but cant we all just get along?

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