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July 5 2011 at 12:02 PM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to Undergarments

For what it is worth, when I joined the reserves in 1987, I was issued cotton boxer shorts - which I never wore - and cotton "waffle" long john bottoms and tops. PT gear at that time was green running shoes (they later changed to grey), dark (CF) green PT shorts, and white t-shirts with rifle green trim.

On my basic training, we were permitted to wear any kind of underwear we wanted - it was a weekend course - and PT gear could be civilian purchased stuff also. The aim was to be safe, not look uniform, particularly as far as shoes went.

I understood from talking to some fellows that went to the Regular Force that individual units there were more strict about non-regulation clothing. This is all dependent on element, environment, nature of employment, etc. and is a broad topic.

I still have my army issue boxer shorts in a box in the basement. The army will not ask for them back because they cannot reissue them. Perhaps someday the Glenbow Museum will like them for their collection...

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