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Names on memorials in Calgary

September 13 2011 at 11:47 PM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to Canadian Memorials in SWA

Now that you mention it, the names of soldiers fallen in Afghanistan are located in two places - actually, three - in Calgary.

All soldiers killed in Afghanistan are memorialized on the Peacekeeper's Memorial wall here at Peacekeeper's Park. Someone was worried, apparently, they would receive no memorial, so the decision was made to put their names on it.

A memorial to Calgary area soldiers was also dedicated in the last year. The original intent as I understand it had been to memorialize soldiers killed in the world wars, with names limited to those who served directly in Calgary area Army regiments, who were celebrating their 100th anniversaries (KOCR, Calgary Highlanders, 14 Service Battalion, and predecessor units of the supporting corps/CEF battalions). Of course, it only takes a single family member of a recently fallen soldier to feel left out, so Afghanistan soldiers were quickly added to the Calgary Soldiers Memorial as well.

I suspect those soldiers of the PPCLI who have been killed in Afghanistan also appear - or will in due course - on the wall of honour in their regimental gallery at The Military Museums in Calgary also.

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