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One for the ages

September 19 2011 at 9:59 AM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to Kangaroos recognized Sept. 10 at Wilson Avenue Armoury

Needless to say, I'm disappointed I missed it. I was at something slightly similar - a gathering of I Canadian Corps veterans in Yorkton a few years ago, and was privileged to march on parade with them in period uniform. Events like this are truly amazing and I'm glad the hard work that went into it paid off. The fellows that participated will have memories to last a lifetime; I still remember many of the stories the I Canadian Corps vets regaled us with. I can reassure Michael, etc., that there will be much of the momentousness of the weekend that will simply not dim with time in your living memory.

The armoury in St. Thomas looks like a wonderful building; the armoury in Yorkton is similar. I didn't actually spend any time inside it during the reunion I attended, but I went back a year or so later to research my father's artillery battery and spent an afternoon poring over their archival material and the local battery commander showed me around the place. As much as Mewata Armouries is home to me, in its league with other armouries like Minto and similar sized castles across Canada, I must confess there is a coziness about the smaller ones that I find appealing.

When they built another "armoury" in Calgary in the last couple of decades, I was disappointed to find it was just a warehouse in an industrial section of town. No character. The one in Edmonton is similar. Not only do they not look like armouries, but the old, larger buildings had all the offices arranged so that they looked out on the central parade square. It may not be the best arrangement for getting work done on a parade night (one band practicing on the square and no one in the entire building can hear a thing) but when the unit is in, you can see and feel what everyone else is doing.

I was glad to hear that Clive was interested in documenting some of the history of those grand old buildings.

Where will the Kanagaroos' colour eventually be deposited? And will they (or do they) have a permanent museum display somewhere?

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