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CWAC display 17 Sep 2011

September 26 2011 at 1:35 PM
Doug Townend 

Response to How did it go?

How did it go?? It went great!!!

I sent a flyer to all the CWAC veterans I knew and they passed copies to other veterans. We got a lot of word of mouth advertising, and CBC Radio, hearing about the display, interviewed the War Museum planner with whom I was dealing.

Five veterans showed up whom no one in Ottawa realized that four of the five lived in the city. The fifth veteran came all the way from Parry Sound on Geogian Bay. She served for three years in No. 1 Kinetheodolite Detachment RCA helping ack-ack gunner to sharpen their marksmanship. In the det were 19 CWAC members, one officer and 2 NCOs, all of whom had post-graduate degrees in mathematics except this one veteran who had just grade 13 Ontario in trigonometry. I was thrilled to meet her because I am researching the Det for a future article about the CWAC members which according to one reference were given the local rank title of Gunner vice Private.

As well, a student from Carleton University doing her doctorate on women in the army in WW2 joined me to meet the veterans and question them.

Lastly, a woman came up to me and offered me a visitors guje to Glasgow Scotland which her aunt had used when serving in the CWAC overseas. She has offered me other memorabilia which I hope to receive soon.

A great day for the CWAC said many of the veterans.


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