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WTT WWII Sheepskin (aka Jeep) Coat

December 6 2011 at 8:03 PM
Rob Thompson 


I recently acquired a rather large sized sheeplined coat (also refered to as a Jeep coat from what I have read) that I am looking to trade for the same item (Second World War vintage), in similar condition but in a smaller size. This coat is in what I would say as very good condition. It is stamped with a C-arrow, dated 1943 and made by SS Holden. Size is 46 (chest) and 48 long. Looking for the same item in similar condition but in a 42 chest and shorter length. I have a 1952 example in a 40/46 which fits good but a 42 would be ideal. If this trade is of interest, please contact me off board to discuss in greater detail.

I have done a search on the forum and read the various threads about this coat. However, I would like to know more so does anyone know of any published resources that provide greaet details on this item as none of the books in my library make reference to it.

Attached is a link to various pictures of the coat. Thanks in advance, Rob

[IMG][linked image][/IMG]

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