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RCAMC Nursing Sisiters Uniform

February 26 2012 at 6:05 PM

I picked up a Husband and Wife RCAMC group of uniform bits..He was a Capt. in the RCAMC She was a Nursing Sister with the Rank of Lt.

The Nursing Sister Uniform has the light blue "Tunic" the dark Dress Tunic, the dark Cape, field boots, A Beret for a Battle Dress uniform and a couple of the "Water Proof" short aprons.
When going throught the pockets I found a pir of cased glasses that were made to fit under the gasmask, as well as a Red Cross Armband...also a Bright Red Neck Tie..looks shorter than a mans...does anyone know if N.S wore a red tie with any other their uniforms?

The Capts uniforms include his Battle Dress Jacket and Pants..nice Corp badge in the Battle dress, his Dress Tunic and Great Coat...also, his tall 1944 dated field boots, walking out web belt, Sam Brown Belt, wedge cap, issue winter cap, and a winter cap with beaver fur.

Also a few German bits they brought back.
I am told there is a metal trunk in the attic, and the familiy will get to it when they can as they are clearing out the house..hope to find more in it when they get to it.

Just a great find!!!


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