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Coloured Berets

February 27 2012 at 9:41 AM
Doug Townend 

Response to Most famous RCHA black beret that I am aware of...

The RCIC and RCAC did not wear the navy blue beret. The RCIC wore a scarlet beret and the RCAC wore the black beret. As well, airborne/airtransported units continued to wear the maroon beret. Rifle units were to wear green berets and the RHLI was to wear the dark green beret also. All others were to wear a navy blue beret.

The coloured beret was taken into wear under authority of Adjutant General Instruction 507/1951 dated 24 October 1951. The coloured berets were to be worn for ceremonial purposes and when walking out.

The Arms and Services wearing the navy blue beret were to wear a large coloured flash across the front of the beret as follows:

Red - RCA, RCOC, C Pro C, and General List;

Blue - RC Sigs, RCEME - dark blue, CPC (Postal) - light blue;

Yellow - RCASC, RCAPC;

Dull Cherry - RCAMC;

RCAChC - purple.

in 1954, the coloured flash was removed and replaced with a smaller backing of the same colour behind the cap badge per AGI No. 54/3. The coloured flash was to extend 1/8 inch beyond the edge of the badge.


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