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Conductor rank badge.

February 27 2012 at 9:02 PM
Doug Townend 

Response to Rank or Appointment?

The conductor and sub-conductor rank badge was first worn in the mid-1960s when the appointment was resurrected in the Cdn Army. Several Corps selected certain positions to be designated for the appointment. For instance, in the RCOC about 17 positions were designated. The RCASC also had several positions. If I can find my notes, I'll add to this.

In WW2, because there was not enough Captains in the RCOC to fill all the positions, WOs1 were appointed to some of them and many of the men were appointed Conductors. The primary positions were the Brigade Ordnance Officer (BOO), a position at each Brigade HQ. The position was designated Brigade Ordnance Warrant Office or BOWO when filled by a WO1.


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