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March 3 2012 at 8:42 PM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to Everything you want to know. . .

Doug, if you have a copy of the book in question, it might be more helpful to the original poster to supply some detail from your copy, since the book is long out of print.

I have a copy of the book from the university library and am hard pressed to find answers "everything" the original poster wanted to know.

If you had a detailed reply, I'm sure it would be appreciated.

I used to have some information on regimental insignia on the main website but am still working on recreating these information pages.

What I can tell the original poster is that The Royal Montreal Regiment mobilized an overseas unit that evolved greatly over the course of the war; it is mostly remembered for providing the headquarters defence unit for 1st Canadian Army. As such, it wore the formation patch of that formation - i.e. the red diamond with blue horizontal bar down the centre. The shoulder flash was in khaki with buff letters. A helmet flash in regimental colours can be seen in contemporary photos also.

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