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April 5 2012 at 9:48 AM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to Mods

Thanks for the offer. I've posted on the tech help forum set up by the server; they don't seem to want to offer any solutions for this other than to insist that all the forums they host should go to a "log-in" system where everyone would have a screen name and password.

I'm not convinced that would be popular, and while I like the idea of forcing "real name" access, I think forcing the administrative step of logging in and "presenting credentials" would just dissuade people from using the forum. So I think the occasional ad for Cialis is preferable to that. For now I think they're easily ignored, and I can continue to sweep them clean periodically.

Unless there is a large outpouring of support for a log-in system, but I don't see that happening. I think it's important for 'guests' to be able to post their questions here unimpeded as I see it as one of the main functions of the forum.

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