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Miniature Zippers

July 13 2012 at 6:41 AM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to I think you're pulling our legs

I've seen a few 1:6 scale jackets by different manufacturers, and while it is possible to miniaturize buttons, seam lines, pockets, etc., the one thing almost impossible to miniaturize is a zipper. There are some very small ones now, but in the 1970s - the timeline Ed has suggested - I don't know of any. "Vintage" 1:6 scale clothing (G.I. Joe/Barbie/etc.) was usually recognizable by the huge zippers on them.

[linked image]

On second glance at the photo, the zipper looks impossibly small.

So does the quilting on the liner.

Any chance of some close up shots of the stitching and details?

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