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Canadian Army Barracks in Germany 1945-46

February 16 2014 at 10:43 AM
Dan Martel 

Myself and a couple of others have been working on identifying all of the Canadian Army Barracks located in Germany after VE-Day. (All of our work can be found on the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) Forum.) Needless to say it's a very slow and arduous process, mostly using wartime diaries and unit histories that were privately published. In spite of this, good progress has been made.

As a background, let me provide the following. There was a significant Canadian presence in the area of north west Germany along the Friesland coast between the ports of Emden and Wilhelmshaven from 1945 to 1946. We have a fair amount of information found from official British and Canadian sources as well as fellow British, Canadian and German enthusiasts, including the officially authorised barrack names (with a Canadian theme) of sixteen former Wehrmacht, Kriegsmarine or Luftwaffe Kaserne. Some of these were to remain in use by the British Army untill it finally left the area in the late 1950s.

But we are having some problems identifying a few barrack names for which I thought the solution could be found here.

First, we know the airfield complex at Rostrup was officially renamed Queenston Barracks and provided living accommodation for those working in the main Headquarters in the Spa complex in nearby Bad Zwischenahn (initially HQ 2nd Canadian Corps, then HQ 2 Infantry Division and finally HQ 3rd Infantry Division (CAOF)). What was the name of the barracks housing the main Headquarters?

Similarly we know that the major Kriegsmarine Headquarters in Sengwarden on the outskirts of Wilhelmshaven was used as the Headquarters for the 2/8 Infantry Brigade (CAOF) from September 1945 till March 1946. (A Kriegsmarine Barracks in nearby Breddewarden was renamed Montreal Barracks and may have been used as living accommodation.) What was the name of the barracks housing the brigade headquarters in Sengwarden?

Finally, we cannot determine a name for the barracks that quartered the Régiment de la Chaudière or the North Shore Regiment, which were both contributors to the CAOF. We are supposing, in keeping with use of Canadian city names for the other barracks, that a city from Quebec and New Brunswick may have been selected. Can anyone confirm a name for the barracks housing these two battalions?

Any help would be appreciated. And for the record, we have researched through CMHQ Report #174.


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