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Barrack Names Identified

February 16 2014 at 1:17 PM
Dan Martel 

Response to Canadian Army Barracks in Germany 1945-46

Below is a list of the Canadian Army barrack names that have been identified so far. The list has been compiled by my good friend Peter Watson, who has graciously allowed me to post it here. He can be contacted on the BAOR Forum under the username JPW.


1) First is the official order from HQ BAOR detailing the official names that were to be used.

Reference: HQ BAOR letter 530/60/Q2 dated 16 February 1946
3 Canadian Infantry Division (CAOF)

Location German Kaserne Name Barrack Name
Aurich Marine Kaserne Maple Leaf
Delmenhorst Flak Kaserne Winnipeg
Emden Marine Kaserne Ottawa
Oldenburg Adelheide Calgary
Oldenburg Alexanderfeldt Winnipeg
Oldenburg Donnerschausee Flak Regina
Oldenburg Hindenburg Saskatoon
Osnabruck Winkelshausen Edmonton
Rostrop Airfield Queenston
Wilhelmshaven Admiral Schroder Kingston
Wilhelmshaven Fedderwarden Toronto

2) Research has determined that other names were used by the Canadian Army.

Caledonia Barracks in Varel
Local approval was given to the name change when the North Nova Scotia Highlanders first occupied the former Marine Kaserne Varel in October 1945.

Camp Canada in Wilhelmshaven
First named by 3rd Bn, The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (CAOF), on arrival in July 1945. The Battalion Headquarters of The North Shore Regiment and the Regiment de la Chaudière subsequently rotated through this small wooden hutted camp situated in the northern suburbs of the stadt.

Crerar Barracks in Oldenburg
Used throughout the CAOF era and remained until the final departure of the British artillery regiments in 1958.

MacNaughton Barracks in Jever
Headquarters Artillery CAOF and two Canadian artillery regiments were based in this former Luftwaffe airfield through 1945-46.

Montreal Barracks
Was the proposed name for the Breddewarden complex but may not have been used.

Vancouver Barracks
Was a last minute substitution in Delmenhorst and remained in use till the departure of the British Gunners in 1958.

a. The 2nd / 7th Reconnaissance Regiment (17th DYRCH) was based in the small town of Leer throughout the CAOF era but there is no evidence of any Canadian themed name for their barracks.

b. Osnabruck was well outside the main CAOF area though there were Canadian Sappers based in the stadt to provide military Works Teams.

c. Kingston and Toronto Barracks in Wihelmshaven were permanently occupied by British Gunner Regiments (under CAOF command) and renamed accordingly.

d. The British 31st Anti-Aircraft Brigade were also based in the Wilhelmshaven Military Enclave, under CAOF command. They named at least three Barracks (former Kriegmarine Shore Bases) as Cotswold, Lincoln and Northumbrian after Regimental recruiting areas.

e. The name 'Quebec Barracks' in Osnabruck was a subsequent British Army addition. It was nominated by a regiment who possessed 'Quebec, 1759' as a Battle Honour.

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