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Maple Leaf Barracks in Aurich

February 17 2014 at 12:33 PM
Dan Martel 

Response to re: item 3a

Thanks John. If that's true, then I think you're on the right track. Conquering armies tend to use the camps of the ones who were there before. Just ask the Romans.

The only Canadian barracks that I was aware of before I started this project was Maple Leaf in Aurich. I learned about it from reading "A Meeting of Generals" by Tony Foster. Maple Leaf Barracks was the site of Kurt Meyer's trial for war crimes. The trial was presided over by Major General Harry Foster, who as a Brigadier directly fought against Meyer in Normandy. In fact, some of the troops that were the victims of Meyer's war crimes came from Foster's 7th Infantry Brigade.

I don't wish to hijack my own thread, but I was always heartened by the photographs of Meyer being escorted into the trial each day by an officer and two OR's of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. According to the book, the weapon carried by the officer was loaded and was to be used if Meyer had ever attempted anything resembling an escape. Which he never did.


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