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Other possibilities

October 11 2014 at 11:52 AM
Stu McDonald 

Response to The Service Number

I checked with John Blatherwick and he can't find in his own extensive records an officer named Kernighan. He also informed me that there is no definitive list of Canadian officers who received the ED.

It could be that Kernighan or Ker* was a CANLOAN officer. Most of these were infantry but many were RCOC. Their service numbers are unique and begin with CDN. However the numbers only go up to CDN 673. Perhaps the battledress was owned by a Ker* CANLOAN officer, although I think only one or two of them achieved the rank of Lt Col or Colonel.

There is an RCOC Museum at St Jean in Quebec. I visited it in 1976 and I think it is still there. Perhaps they could assist.

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