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October 11 2014 at 5:44 PM
Paul Harrison 

Response to Other possibilities

I rechecked the ribbons and they are:
Two First War Medals, The Army Good Conduct Medal, The EM, and the 5 Second War gp.
The tunic has four service chevrons, as well as the RCOC and 2 Corp badges.
The name has been partly blanked out, but I estimate it is 5-7 letters. Svc Number is either 4 or 5. After the svc number isd a 2-X that I think refers to 2 Corp.
Lastly the BD collars are faced with the red staff officers gorget emblems.
I'll try the RCOC museum as well.
He may have been with the Brits in the First War, and in the early 40's joined the RCOC with a commission?

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