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Fort Toronto/ GA Walker 1982.

March 18 2015 at 10:30 PM
Christopher Furlotte 

Response to Commonwealth of Nations, Task Force Support.

Here's a bit more on the water bulk tanker for the entire task force fresh water supplies for the duration of it's role attached to the Royal Navy during the hostiles in the South Atlantic campaign from 19th of April to 14th of June 1982.

The Fort Toronto was a chartered water tanker and commander by Captain R.I. Kinnier and abroad her was Naval Party 1750 (Royal Navy) and she left the port of Southhampton England on the 19th of April to join the task force sailing south to the Falkland Islands.

Several in depth links of the Fort Toronto (Canadian Pacific) and it's important mission of the task force's fresh water supplies.It stayed in Port Stanley to support the military garrison who water supplies were destroyed during the fighting,and it was stationed there in port til early part of 1984.

Another Canadian Pacific ship that operated with the task force was the GA Walker.She sailed with the other relief vessels in June 1982.

They were chartered and registered out of Canadian Pacific Office in Bermuda.


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