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The Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment.(R.C.A.)

October 6 2015 at 10:57 PM
Christopher Furlotte 

I've been curious for a while as to what ever happened to the(Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment,RCA.) lately as they one of those regiments who tend to not be in the lime light as much as other regiments. I was surprised to discover they are now a regular artillery regiment since 2006. One thing that gets me wondering is why they didn't keep some of their Canadian-Scottish regimental heritage like the Brit's tend to do, when they amalgamate Scottish units into other Corps etc and they try to keep up the "Scottish" traditions to some extent!? I haven't seen any part of their current dress uniform having anything remotely 'Canadian-Scottish' connection with the past ie, The (Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment) aside from it's name. The current unit has no collar insignia, no tartan back patches for it's berets signifying close local regimental ties to the L&R Scots etc. I've wondered why this tends to be by CF rules and regulations etc??

Here's an example of the 19 Regiment(Scottish Gunners)Royal Artillery

As a historical side note, for anyone who's interested, This region that recruits had enlisted for the L&R Scots of Canada, also had a strong previous connection to Irish and Scottish ancestors among others ie, French-Canadian, Polish,German etc and it had a local accent called the Ottawa Valley Accent or Twang and now is in decline for a variety of factors as well.

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