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Arnhem Sapper

October 28 2016 at 7:34 PM
Ed Storey 

Response to Interesting WWII Reference

It was certainly and interesting article, from the reference to the 'CADMAT' camouflage uniform (CADPAT is the correct term and has only been in use since 2000) to the inference that Canadian Engineers have conducted similar landings in 'Bosnia, Afghanistan and Eritrea'(I take it the reporter did not know that the region in Afghanistan the Canadians operated in was arid); I shake my head in bewilderment at how little the press know about anything military and how even a good news story like this is riddled with factual errors.

This article is also a good gauge on just how an important Second World War historical Engineer event, Operation Berlin, the night-time evacuation by Canadian Engineers of the remnants from the beleaguered British 1st Airborne Division, trapped in German occupied territory north of the Lower Rhine in the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden has been overshadowed by the massive Operation Neptune Normandy landings. The name Exercise Arnhem Sapper was linked to the rescue of 2500 Airborne troops on 25-26 September, 1944 and along with providing good, positive relations with civilians should have been the focus speaking point by the Public Affairs Officer.

At least we can rest easy knowing that Toronto was not invaded.

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