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The Calgary Highlanders Pipe Band

November 3 2016 at 2:38 PM
Dan Martel 

Below is a photograph of The Calgary Highlanders Pipe Band which I've borrowed from a website which purports to be populated by British Army members (but may also include other unfortunates and ne'er-do-wells). Anyways, while admiring the picture two questions came to my mind.

1) Why does a pipe band require three Drum Majors each with a different sash in a different colour, different sporrans and different hose?

2) Why, of the five NCOs in the front rank, do three of them wear their sash in the manner of NCOs with the Somerset and Cornwall Light Infantry?

Was the photograph possibly misidentified? If only there was someone who frequents this forum with an affiliation to The Calgary Highlanders who could clear this up. Alas....

Calgary 2008 Parade photo Highlanders2008parade.jpg

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