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United, follow-up

December 17 2016 at 7:25 AM

Response to Units

Hi Michael - many thanks for your input. Here's the active statement I have from an interview transcript that points in this direction:

"I was called up in August 1941, and was then in the Canadian Army, 1943. That was some years later. My whole regiment, or my whole brigade of artillery, was transferred to the Canadian Army because they were very short of artillery. We were designed for the invasion of Sicily, but they reckoned they could do without us, and quite rightly, thank God. And we waited to invade Normandy."

If he was a motorcycle rider, would he have been an artillery spotter, or something like that?

Here's the other active statement:

"The end of World War II, our last assignment was to liberate a concentration camp of inmates from the Polish Warsaw Rising. Now, the Polish Warsaw Rising was November ’44, and the world peace came in May ’45, so they hadn’t got enough time to starve the life out of them, but they had been living on turnips and that sort of thing, you know. And it was a hell of a … And we were part of the… The Polish Armoured Division was part of the Canadian Army like ourselves. And we were assigned in support of the Polish Armored Division, which spearheaded through to the relief of those concentration camps."

While he says 'concentration camps,' I'm pretty sure it was the Oberlangen complex, VI-C, which was more a prison camp (which may just be bandying semantics) but off the Red Cross radar at that time.

I haven't thought to chase up his service file - is that something anyone can do, and how would you go about it?

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