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First Canadian Army

December 17 2016 at 7:44 AM
Dan Martel 

Response to United, follow-up


I think the issue is that your relative has been saying 'Canadian Army' to refer to the First Canadian Army. From your response I would conclude that he served during the war with the British Army in a formation (what you refer to as a Brigade) that was under command of the First Canadian Army (FCA). It doesn't look like he served in the Canadian Army itself.

Artillery formations were known as AGRA's or Army Group Royal Artillery. There were two Canadian AGRA's each of which contained British Royal Artillery units. There was also at least one British AGRA assigned to the First Canadian Army for the duration of the campaign in NW Europe. Unfortunately I don't have access to a Battle Order for the FCA at the moment so I can't give you the details of the units which served within it.

Your best next move is to search for the FCA battle order, identify the British AGRA serving with it, and go from there. Just a warning however; an AGRA had several thousand soldiers serving within so you'll need to search through each units war diary or Part II Orders to find out where your relative served. These should be available through the Imperial War Museum.

Good Luck.


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