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Units vs Formations

December 17 2016 at 10:52 AM
Dan Martel 

Response to Battle Order


Good find. What you have is the Order of Battle for the two Canadian AGRA's (there were only two) which shows the units making up each formation. The regiments and batteries are the units. When two or more units are combined under a headquarters you have a formation. The Royal Artillery regiments within each AGRA are units.

Units are designated as such when they are formed and have a Commanding Officer in command. A formation has either a Commander (if a Colonel or Brigadier) or a General Officer Commanding (Major General or above) in command.

AGRA's were commanded by Brigadiers and, when trying to describe them to members of other armed forces, are sometimes referred to as artillery brigades. The term artillery brigade was not one used by the British and Canadian armies.

There was a British Army AGRA under command of the First Canadian Army. That's the formation for which you are looking. Search for Royal Artillery AGRA's in NW Europe.


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