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RCMP Operations during the Cold War.(1950s to 1970s).

January 4 2017 at 2:00 PM

Response to 'PROFUNC' (1950-1983) Canadian Communists.

Several interesting articles on counter-intelligence activities involving the RCMP Security Services during the cold war era when the threat of Soviet influence, and spies and moles within the security services was greatly fear among western allies in NATO. Operation Feather bed was one such operation and it was searching for any evidence of communist intrigue among our political elected officials during the 1950`s to 1970`s. On another such operation ie,Operation Gridiron, went badly array, and during the investigation of Mr Leslie James Bennett who, previously had worked with British signals intelligence during the war and later transferred to the RCMP as a civilian employee for intelligence work in the 1950`s. His reputation and career was destroyed on flawed evidence and the stress and loss of marriage, he took early retirement and moved to Australia. He was later proved innocent and the govt of Canada offered financial compensation for service rendered. (New Book) on Soviet espionage operating in Canada.

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