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Great start

January 16 2017 at 7:42 AM
Michael Dorosh 

Response to Re: War Establishment - Canadian infantry battalions in Korea

Great info, thank you. I guess I'm wondering what kind of firepower/combat power the battalion

I found the book on amazon and am reading it now with the online Kindle application. Great info in the appendix - is this accurate, then, for Canadian establishments?

I am guessing the infantry platoons did not differ substantially from World War II - three 10-man sections with a Sten, Bren, and 8 Lee Enfields? Did platoon headquarters still have a light mortar and a PIAT? Did the U.S. 60mm and Bazooka replace the older weapons?

I am guessing Vickers guns were on the establishment, in Support Company?

Did the official establishments recognize the adoption (official or unofficial) of U.S. small arms/support weapons? I'm thinking of stuff from the M1/M2 carbine up to the Browning .30 and .50 calibre guns.

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